2025 Retreat Date:

March 14-16, 2025
August 15-17, 2025


Unleash Your Inner Strength Through Healing 

To truly grow, we must first heal...

We all carry wounds—scars from past traumas, strained relationships, and negative experiences that have shaped our lives. But it's in the act of healing that true transformation begins.
Healing takes many forms—forgiveness, embracing anger, facing sadness, and conquering self-doubt. Until you're ready to confront these head-on and embark on a journey of self-renewal, your growth may remain stifled.
There is immense power in vulnerability, in the simple act of letting go of the past that weighs you down.


Are you ready to release yourself?


Resolve, our upcoming 3-day men's retreat, is just around the corner, and we invite you to embark on this life-changing journey.

Join us as we create a sacred space where healing thrives, where wounds are addressed, and growth becomes inevitable. Over the course of three transformative days, we will guide you through immersive experiences designed to unlock your inner strength and pave the way for lasting change.


  • 3 Days and 2 nights of challenging, deep inner work modalities that will bring the best out of you.  
  • Team bonding activities to make you realise there are BROTHERS out there willing to go along with you in this journey. 
  • NLP processes that will rewire your unconscious mind & help clear the shadows that have been haunting you and holding you back.
  • POWERFUL techniques that have been used by 1000’s of men now to release that inner rage and anger, that will allow you to live a non reactive life.
  • An incredible 30 acre piece of land where you will camp and get back in touch with your ancestral ways.


  • You want to KICK START your new life. 
  • You have been waiting for that sign to help you move forward.
  • You want to create an incredible bond with other men over a life changing weekend. 
  • You want to test your limits. 
  • You’re willing to let go of your grip on past beliefs. 
  • You want to find that missing piece of yourself.
  • You want to step up for your family. 
  • You’re sick of watching others create the life they want.
  • You’re ready to make the changes needed.
  • You want to clear those inner shadows.
  • You’re ready to be part of something bigger.
  • You want to do this for yourself.


"I feel love from these boys and from this crew, and from Heartled, and it's definitely changed my life. The way I feel now, thank you. My experience coming to this has been somewhat... at the start, I was so... I didn't want to come into it. My heart wasn't into it.
The first time I met Dane, I didn't know him from anything. I didn't know if I could connect with him. As soon as I heard his voice and I could connect with him and understand that he knew my feelings, I was 100% in. I knew that coming into this was gonna really push me into the next level and becoming a better man, a better father, and a better lover for my partner."
"For me, it's been life-changing. I've sort of battled with addiction and self-doubt, among a lot of other things, since I was a teenager, basically. I feel like Dan and the team have sort of given me the power I need to make positive change, and really move into the next chapter of my life, which is gonna be positive and gonna do everything that I was meant to be doing. I think it's gonna help me really be a better father to my kids too. I just feel different in my heart about how I'm gonna go back home."
"I think my experience here has been a lot of men coming together to create a real community, a lot of them coming together because we know we can be better. That's why we all came, that's why I came. We know we've got work to do, and it's just the beginning of that. It's been a big awakening to myself, removing self-doubt, removing difficulties that I have had in life in different ways, and just focusing on the fact that at the end of the day, it's up to me. It's not about everyone around me, and it's great to have the support of people around me, but it's me that's got to do the job. If someone wanted to come and do it, that's what they're gonna get out of it, a better understanding of self."



Finally make those changes that have been holding you back your entire life, by going all in on something that scares you.


To supercharge REAL lasting change in your life that will allow you to be the man you’ve always known you can be. 


Challenge yourself with other men and create a brotherhood through challenges that will help you finally release the S*** you’ve been holding onto. 


Step up and show up, not only for YOURSELF, also for all of those people in your life who count on you. 


Time to RESOLVE those issues with your self belief, masculinity, sadness, anger… ALL OF IT & come out of this RETREAT the man who you’ve known was there all along. 






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"The biggest breakthrough I had was during the breathing exercise. I saw my granddad. I saw my daughter that I've lost. Now I feel like I can be at peace.
If you feel like you're carrying something around that you don't want anymore, feel like you're holding on to them, that you need to let go off, that you feel like you can just be a better you, just open up your mind. And everyone here will help you realize who you are and what you're capable of. And you can't replace that."
"Oh mate, I just want to thank them for existing and being here, and for me to be able to come on this journey with them.
Don't look at it as money, look at it as your mental health and well-being. Like, it'll change your life forever and yeah, they're an open book, so don't be afraid to get out there and talk about problems cause yeah, they'll be with you on every step of the way."
"When you come to an experience like this, you are going to access a part of yourself that you have not accessed. How? You're around men that are in exactly the same position and moving through the issues and struggles that you are as well.
Coming into this experience, I knew what I wanted to get. However, over the last 48 hours, I have accessed more than what I came here to access in myself. "
"I've lost so much, but I'm grateful that I can get it back—all the anger, the yelling, and the screaming that I've just done. I've actually brought it up and out and been able to confront it for the first time ever and get rid of it. And I found something even more beautiful to replace it with. Being that I'm going back to church and finding my way in life, I was actually able to find love for myself—for change, love here, not just something I want to put here and put there. I found it actually here.
"Honestly, whatever kind of emotions or anything you're going through, or how nervous you are to come here, just take that step. When you take that step and you realize and go through the work with the Heartled Warriors, oh man, it's just a change. I feel like such a different person now, like to go home to my wife, to be able to just be the man that I know I can be, just to do the things I know that I can do. It's life-changing. It's honestly life-changing, boys. Honestly, I love you guys so much. I've honestly got like a brotherhood now that I can just rely on for anything."
I guess the anger and the hurt, the sadness, the regret, all those things are just way down, and you know, there's no need to carry that stuff with you into the future. I feel that was really holding me back in my life and relationships, and it was good to shed that.
I finally come home to myself. I'm me. I know who I am in the most authentic way, in all authentic states and versions possible. Look at me, look at past versions of me. You knew who they were, and look at me now. If I can do it; you can do it.
 I feel good. I feel like nothing's gonna stop me from achieving what I wanna achieve and grow. 
Finding that love within myself makes me feel powerful; honestly, I feel on top of the world, unstoppable. It'll change your life, it's a life-changing experience. The people you meet become a part of your life forever; they're your family, your brothers. 
Don't think, just do. The more you think about it, the more you talk yourself out of it. Everyone needs something like this, whether they know it or not. You're always going to find out something about yourself doing this kind of work. 
Even before the retreat, every single one of the coaches reaches out, and for me, that helps a lot – that someone cares and I trust you, every single one of you. Just go with instinct, and even when it tells you it's scary to do so, just reach out, message one of the coaches, and ask for what you want. Don't hold back.
The biggest experience for the weekend, I would say, would be letting go of my pain from my childhood. That was massive – letting go of that, getting the bag of weight off my back. Just the freedom that it gives you, the clarity. 
I felt lost, like I had no direction, and there was something inside me that felt wrong, but I didn't know what it was all of a sudden. I kept searching for it, getting frustrated, couldn't find it. But then this moment came, and everything became clear. I knew what was wrong, and this massive weight was just lifted off my shoulders.
I've had a lot of internal restrictions that I've held in my body, and I've learned to be able to embrace those parts, let those parts flow, find love for me in those parts, and gain power from that
I've made better and stronger connections in the past three days than I've had in my life for the past 10 years, so I thank everyone that's involved. It's changed my life, thank you.
It's a whole new chapter, a whole new beginning, and probably the best opportunity in life that I can potentially have now in being the best man, not just for myself but for my kids and my partner especially as well, one hundred percent. Now I know that my connections are gonna be that powerful that I'll be able to show that to them in so many different forms. They're gonna feel that energy, and they're gonna be even happier.
The work they do is like magic—the space they create, the safe space for you to open up, let out all your emotions, and just be you. They see you for who you are, no judgment, nothing. That was a big part for me because judgment has always been an issue.
"Someone who wants to join, just take the step that you won't regret it, trust me. I was very hesitant on these sorts of things, and now I'm in, yeah. When I depart, I'm excited to actually implement some changes in my life, to actually see some growth. The men, they're all powerful, they're all inspirations, each and every one of us got a unique story, but we're all similar in a way, and good to see."

-Mitchell Staw, Glaston

"To anyone hesitant about joining, my advice is simple: rip the band-aid off and jump in. It's life-changing. Returning home, I'm excited to continue my journey with newfound clarity and purpose. To the men considering joining, you'll find a supportive community of good-hearted individuals."

 - Arden Mason, Gold Coast Queensland

"Grieving my dad, I never had the chance to. I didn't allow myself to grieve because I didn't want to believe that it was real, and I didn't know how to. And last night finally got that, brought me so much peace. So loved and supported each step of the way, they've been there. The energy, the energy is just there, just surrounds you, and you know that you're in a safe place. Been there myself, and it's so scary, and I feel you. I want you to know that coming here to be safe and supported, and you can do it because if I can, you can."

-  Jordy, North Brizzy Debra County

In fact, coming in here made me realize that there's things deeper, regardless of where you are with your journey, there's always more that you can get out of this of the program. One thing that I've taken away from this is giving back, thank you so much, you have been such a fantastic group of guys that have been able to lift us up and encourage get the most and challenge each and every one of us to get most out of us, thank you so much for that, it has been an amazing experience and uh, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
"If you're unsure, just take that leap of faith, you know, and that's what life's about, you know, just doing something different, stepping out of your comfort zone because this isn't a wake-up call, this is the core of awakening"

- Nate, Brisbane

"I said it before, it's worth two flights here. I have no words to express how I feel about this whole thing. One of the guided meditations really broke through into my heart, made me understand myself better, my environment better, what I really wanna do with myself. It made me feel loved, welcome, a part of something bigger than just me, and really ready to release and be confident enough to do it in this environment."

- Daniel Amos, Israel

"I'm just excited to implement it because it's just the whole change within myself. I was a transformational coach for eight years, and I had loads of techniques, and I applied them to myself. Nothing compares to the actual experiential changes that you achieve here."

- Brett, Gold Coast

Reserve your place at Resolve, and embrace the transformative power of healing.
It's time to let go, to heal, and to unlock the boundless potential within you
Together, we will face the shadows that have held you captive, enabling you to reclaim your power and rewrite your story. Through powerful modalities, team bonding activities, and the wisdom of ancestral practices, you'll emerge from this retreat with a renewed sense of purpose and a brotherhood of like-minded men by your side. 
This is your opportunity to break free from the chains of your past, to step into the man you've always aspired to be. Don't let this chance slip away.
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